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  Wedding Dance Lessons in Alexandria, VA



You may not have thought about it, but all eyes, all cameras, all video cameras and cell phone video cameras will be on the bride and groom when you do your "First Dance" at your wedding.

Your First Dance can be one of the most memorable moments of your wedding - one that will be recorded for life by many of your guests.

And if you're hiring a videographer, your First Dance at your wedding will be something that you'll look at over and over again and enjoy for the rest of your life...IF you know how to dance!


OR...you can settle for the old high school "grab and sway". Boring to do and boring to watch!



While your "First Dance" will provide more than 50% of the memories of your wedding, wedding dance lessons in Alexandria with Gary Stephans , will only cost a small fraction of your total wedding budget.  



Imagine gliding around the dance floor, like Cinderella with Prince Charming, for a few of the most romantic minutes of your life.


Or maybe you want to "WOW!" your wedding guests with a dramatic or fun "show-stopper First Dance". Maybe something like the last dance from the movie, "Dirty Dancing"...or a fun medley of different songs and dances.


Or maybe you just want to learn a few special moves for your wedding song so you "look like you know what you're doing without stepping on each other's feet," as one of Gary's recent wedding dance students put it.

Whatever your dream, renowned wedding dance instructor, Gary Stephans, can help you achieve it with a program of wedding dance lessons in Alexandria - at a lovely dance studio or in your home or other location of your choice. 

"Dear Gary, We wanted to THANK YOU for helping us put together our

wedding dance.  Our wedding guests were so impressed with the dance -

it was definitely the highlight of the day. You are so kind and a very talented instructor.  You made our wedding day special and we couldn't be happier."  

                                                                                                                         Lisa & Alec 1/3/18

Gary has been helping happy bridal couples, parents of the bride and groom and members of the wedding parties learn very special wedding dances for more than 40 years.  


He would love to help you learn a few nice moves for your "special song"...


Or create a magical, romantic, memorable "First Dance" ...


Or if you really want to impress your family and guests, plan to invest in a 10-lesson or 20-lesson program to learn a First Dance that no one at the wedding will ever forget! 


Whatever you decide on, it will be so much more special for you and everyone at the wedding than the "grab and sway".



Don't subject yourselves to the stress and panic of waiting until the last minute to learn to dance. Give yourself enough time to create the wedding dance of your dreams.


          1 to 4 60-minute Lessons         $     95 per lesson* 
          5 Lesson Program                      $   450*
(SAVE $25 )
        10 Lesson                                      $   850* 
(SAVE $100)
        20 Lesson Program                      $1,500* (SAVE $400)


*There is also a $16-per-hr. studio fee when lessons are taught in a studio, or a variable travel fee when lessons are in your home, depending on my travel distance.

Call Gary Stephans or send him a message today to set up an appointment for wedding dance lessons in Alexandria, VA, that will make the First Dance at your wedding even more special.