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Private Dance Lessons for Couples or Individuals
Private BallroomDance Lessons
In Alexandria, VA  - In The Studio or Online

Learning to dance is an investment in a happier, healthier life with more fun and more romance.  It's an investment in YOU that you will never regret making!  If you're learning to dance with a spouse or partner, it's an investment in your relationship that is priceless that you can enjoy for the rest of your life.

With private lessons you'll get my personal attention to accelerate your learning to dance and prevent or correct bad dancing habits before they're ingrained.

My pricing is competitive with any instructor in the Northern Virginia/Washington, DC metro and Cincinnati Ohio areas, even though my experience is unmatched by most instructors anywhere in the U.S.


More importantly, I have a unique way of teaching that will help you look and feel great and have fun dancing in less time!  I'll help you learn how to lead and follow, how to connect with your dance partner, how to move your body and feel like you're 'really dancing' instead of just learning steps and patterns that feel stiff and mechanical and really aren't much fun.  


Not only will you have more fun and feel better about your dancing and learn faster.. it will also cost you less in the long run because you'll be learning "real dancing" right from the first lessons, and you won't waste time learning robotic, memorized steps and patterns that you'll have to unlearn as you progress.  


I GUARANTEE you'll have FUN learning to dance from me! 


Fun father/Daughter wedding dance lesson in Alexandria with Gary Stephans, Art of Ballroom Dance
(For 1 or 2 people)

Take 45-minute lessons if your time or budget is limited.

     1- 4 45-minute lessons                       $    85 per lesson* 

     5 Lesson Plan                                       $   400*

    10 Lesson Plan (most popular)          $   750*  (SAVE $100)

    20 Lesson Plan (best value)                $1,400* (SAVE $300)


*There is also a $19/hr. studio fee that you will pay directly to the dance studio at the time of each lesson.  

(For 1 or 2 people)

Learn more and faster with 60-minute lessons.

     1- 4 60-minute lessons                  $    95 per lesson *
     5 Lesson Plan                                  $   450* 
     10 Lesson Plan                                $   850*
(SAVE $100)
     20 Lesson Plan (Best value)           $1,500* (SAVE $400)


*There is also a $19/hr. studio fee that you will pay directly to the dance studio at the time of each lesson. 

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