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A Romantic Gift
In Alexandria

Ballroom Dance Lessons Make a Unique and Treasured
Gift for Her...Gift for Him...Gift for Couples...Engagement Gift, or a gift for any special Alexandria

Imagine the delight on your special sweetheart's face when she sees your gift of dance lessons!  

Imagine holding her close each time you take your lessons, sharing special time together, having fun learning and sharing something that can add romance, improve your physical and mental health, sharpen your brain and improve your relationship for the rest of your life. What a wonderful gift to give to someone you care about!


Ballroom dance lessons is one of the most romantic gifts you can give because it’s a gift that can keep romance alive and put new spark in relationships! And what a great gift for a bridal couple to help make their First Dance at the wedding the highlight of the day!


Romantic Gift Ideas:

Ballroom dance lessons makes a wonderful, romantic gift for your "special someone"

or other special people in your life:

A unique and special birthday gift!

A Most Romantic Valentine's Day Gift

Mothers Day Gift

"Let's do something fun together" gift

Engagement gift 

Wedding gift

Gift for parents of the bride and groom

Anniversary gift

Special birthday gift



  • A gift for her:  Dance lessons is a unique and romantic gift for your sweetheart that will make you a "hero" in her eyes and will ensure more romance and more fun for both of you!  Want a really special and romantic birthday gift, anniversary gift or Valentine's Day gift?  A gift certificate for ballroom dance lessons from the Art of Ballroom Dance for Fun, Fitness & Romance!

  • A wonderful...

    • Engagement gift or wedding gift for a bridal couple

    • Gift for the parents of the bride and groom for very special "First dances" at the wedding

    • Birthday gift or anniversary gift for your parents, child, friend or spouse

  • Gift for couples looking for something fun to do together and to renew the spark in their relationship

"Dear Gary, We wanted to THANK YOU for helping us put together our wedding dance.  

Our wedding guests were so impressed with the dance - it was definitely the highlight

of the day. You are so kind and a very talented instructor.  You made our wedding day

special and we couldn't be happier."  Lisa & Alec 1/3/18



Contact me today or call me at 703-505-5998 to purchase a gift certificates for any occasion for the special people in your life.  



Dance lesson gift certificate is a very romantic gift for her.  Art of Ballroom Dance, Alexandria, VA
Mother-son wedding dance - Gary Stephans dance lessons
Bride and groom dancing at their wedding after taking lessons from Gary Stephans
Father and daughter wedding dance lesson in Alexandria, VA with Gary Stephans instructor
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