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Ballroom Dance Lessons for Physical Rehab


Decades of research have proven that there are amazing physical, mental and emotional benefits of ballroom dancing.  Several months ago I was contacted by a woman whose physical therapist had suggested that ballroom dancing lessons for rehab might be very helpful to her in her recovery from a severe spinal cord injury.


I met with this woman and her physical therapist to learn more about her condition and her limitations.   After meeting and talking to me, the PT was even more enthusiastic about the potential benefits of my dance lessons.


I've had a great time working with this student once-a-week for two months and seeing the wonderful progress she's been making.  She has loved the dance lessons and she and her physical therapist both feel they're very helpful.


I welcome inquiries and referrals from physical therapist for patients recovering from strokes, accidents and physical injuries who might benefit from private ballroom dance lessons.


Contact me to discuss dance lessons for physical rehab.



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