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Reviews and Testimonials

Father daughter wedding dance  dance lessons in Alexandra
Private ballroom dance lessons in Alexandria

I've told you a lot about my 40+ years of experience teaching private ballroom dance lessons and group dance lessons   But my students probably say it better.  


  • "I don't know enough superlatives to describe how great Gary is. Since I've been taking lessons with him, dancing has become my passion. He is so patient despite the fact that it takes me many tries to get certain steps. I only wanted to take lessons so I wouldn't embarrass myself on the dance floor but Gary teaches so much more than just steps. I love taking lessons from him and can't see quitting anytime soon!"    *****
                                        Julie S. - Private ballroom dance lessons  


  • “Your teaching technique is brilliant!  We are so looking forward to tonight's lesson, and many more in the future.  In addition, we will spread the word among others of our friends!  *****
    Bruce M. - Group dance lessons for couple at the Athenaeum


  • "Gary makes it fun. He's a great encourager. He also listens to you. You will learn & you will enjoy it! :)"   *****
                                      Ann S.  - Parents of the groom, dance lessons in their home


  • "Gary makes you feel so comfortable. I've always been embarrassed to dance, but not with Gary. Gary is a great teacher. I'm excited and having fun!!"  *****
                                     Anita D. - Group dance lessons at the Athenaeum, Alexandria, VA

  • We wanted to THANK YOU for helping us put together our wedding dance.  

Our wedding guests were so impressed with the dance - it was definitely the highlight of the day. You are so kind and a very talented instructor.  You made our wedding day special and we couldn't be happier."  Lisa & Alec - Bridal couple

  • "My husband and I never had any kind of dance instruction before. Gary was so wonderful! We had only 10 lessons and we were able to hold our own at a formal event in DC. Gary is patient and kind and ever so passionate about dance!! The best part is that my husband is eager to continue our dance instruction with Gary and The Art of Ballroom Dance! Who knew my husband could move so well?? Gary brought it out of two people who "thought" they were nothing but left feet!! Thanks Gary we can't wait to get back to dancing this Spring! 
                                           MT and Bob G - Social dance lessons in their home

  • "Gary did a great job and was very passionate about his work. We really enjoyed his instruction."  *****
    JP S. - In-home wedding dance lessons for bridal couple


  • "Just wanted to tell you I loved our lesson tonight. I feel like I was really stringing some steps together and actually dancing. You’re a great teacher. Thanks!" 
                               Mary C. - Group dance lessons at the Athenaeum, Alexandria, VA


  • "Very Pleasant helpful."​  *****
    Scott R.
    Private in-home dance lesson for special event


  • "We've taken ballroom lessons from a number of instructors and learning with Gary Stephans is by far the most fun and the most effective.  (Full disclosure:  we are NOT looking to compete, but rather to enjoy the music, the movement, and life on the dance floor.  Not that Gary isn't incredibly accomplished and couldn't make us winners--that's just not our goal.)  His classes attract folks of all ages, both singles and couples, and of all skill levels.  In any given evening he manages to get us all moving with some fox trot, waltz, a little samba, rumba, salsa and even swing.  Lots of personal attention."  *****
                                    Kitty P. - Group dance lessons at the Athenaeum, Alexandria, VA


  • "Gary is a terrific instructor. He has made me so passionate about dancing!"
                                    Julie S.  - Private ballroom dance lessons in dance studio


  • "I have wanted to take dancing lessons for a long time but my husband didn't want to embarrass himself and didn't think he had any sense of rhythm. But when Gary agreed to come to our home he agreed to try the free lesson. That was two months ago and now we're getting lessons every week and we both love it! Gary's relaxed approach and great sense of humor helped my husband overcome his fears. We highly recommend Gary for dance lessons."   *****

                                Margie P. - Couples private ballroom dance lessons

  • "Taking dance lessons from you has given me a new lease on life!"
                                     Bruce M. - Group dance lessons at the Athenaeum


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