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Private Ballroom Dance Lessons in Alexandria, VA

Virtual Dance Lessons at Home









"The most fun you will ever have learning to dance!"




I hope you and your loved ones have stayed healthy during the terrible Covid-19 virus pandemic.

t has been extremely difficult for everyone. 


My highest priority has been to stay healthy over the past year and do my part to help others stay

safe from the coronavirus that has ravaged our country. 

In order to protect my students and myself, I am currently only offering ONLINE dance lessons

through Facetime and Zoom.

My students who are taking virtual dance lessons at home really enjoy being able to get regular

exercise and continue fun dance lessons in the comfort of their own homes, feel less isolated by

connecting with me"face-to-face," and feel less lonely.

No matter where you live, anywhere in the U.S. or abroad, you or a loved one can enjoy learning

to dance or renewing the spark of  romance with your spouse or romantic partner, or get extra attention

to improve your style and technique, and mastering dance moves that will enable you to

"dance like no one's watching" when you get back on a dance floor when it's safe to do that.

As soon as I have received two Coronavirus vaccinations I will once again be providing fun,

in-person dance lessons and wedding dance lessons in the Alexandria studio, in your home,

or other locations.  I can hardly wait!  In the meantime...

Contact me today to ask questions or to schedule some in-home virtual dance lessons for yourself

or an isolated, lonely friend or family member via Zoom or Facetime. 

Be safe and be well.  Let's dance!


Alexandria Ballroom Dance Lessons, Latin Dance Lessons,

Swing and Salsa Dance Lessons and 

Wedding Dance Lessons


Thinking about taking ballroom dance lessons or learning Latin dances, swing, salsa, tango and other

social dancing lessons?


There's no question that people who dance have more fun socially!  


I specialize in helping beginner, intermediate and experienced dancers learn to dance easily and quickly

discover their own unique style, and have fun learning and improving!  


Even if you're shy and anxious about dancing and think you have "no sense of rhythm" or "have two left

feet," you can learn to dance.  I have developed a unique teaching style that will help you overcome your

fear and anxiety about dancing, find your rhythm, discover your own special moves, and discover the fun

and many benefits of ballroom dancing and social dancing.   

I teach all American and International-style ballroom and social dances including foxtrot, waltz, Viennese

Waltz, salsa, samba, cha cha, rumba, East Coast and West Coast swing, freestyle, merengue, tango, 

Argentine tango, nightclub dancing, hustle and Foxxy (a fun, slow dance that I developed and introduced

on the Merv Griffin TV Show that is perfect for much of today's most popular music and for a wedding dance}! 


Contact me today

to get your first two private dance lessons for just $85 - a 50% DISCOUNT  (a FREE 45-minute 

Consultation Lesson with your Introductory 45-minute Lesson) ($170 value!)  I GUARANTEE you'll have FUN!


                         Private ballroom dance lessons, social dance lessons, Latin  dance lessons and wedding dance lessons in Alexandria

Couple dancing their First Dance

Taking private dance lessons is the fastest way to learn to dance well, increase your confidence, and to have more fun dancing. 


In my 45-minute or 60-minute private dance lessons you'll get my undivided attention and your dance lessons will be perfectly tailored for your skill level, your learning style and the dances you're most interested in learning.  And you'll be able to progess at your own speed. I'll be able to identify and correct any bad habits you might develop before they get entrenched.  

I teach private dance lessons to individuals and couples at a clean, modern dance studio in Alexandria, VA or in the privacy of their own homes in Northern, VA, Washington, DC, and in Cincinnati, Ohio.





Contact me today to get your Free Consultation Lesson!


Join us for relaxed, low-key, non-intimidating, FUN group ballroom dance classes

in Alexandria, VA 



Small, personalized group ballroom dance classes in Alexandia, VA

I'm available to teach all forms of ballroom dance to small or large groups in offices, churches and community centers, at relationship conferences, workshops, fundraisers, and other events and functions.


People who dance have more fun socially, and learning to dance is a great way to bring people together in any setting.  


Dance lessons can add a wonderful element to relationship workshops and conferences.


Some of the groups and special functions I've taught at include:


  • Teaching 2,000 guests to do the Viennese Waltz at a black tie opening of the symphony in Minneapolis.


  • Teaching ballroom dance for 5 days to 100 attendees at a Landmark Education Relationship Conference in Ixtapa, Mexico.


  • Teaching salsa dancing to a group of 100+ people at a fundraiser event in Virginia.


  • Teaching ballroom dance lessons to 30 couples at a 3-day "Couples Relationship Workshop" in Virginia.

  • Teaching groups of up to 100 people on cruise ships.

  • Teaching salsa and swing to 24 students at George Mason University at one of their classes in The Neurology of Alzheimers.

  • Taking groups of students to dance in Argentina and Brazil.


Contact me today to discuss how ballroom dance lessons could enhance your special event, conference or fundraiser





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