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The Secret of More Romance

Would you like to know a powerful "secret" to improve your relationip and have more romance in your life? 


Learn your "sweetheart's" primary "love language".

What Are "Love Languages"?

In the popular book, The Five Love Languages, longtime marriage counselor, Gary Chapman, writes that there are five behaviors that make people feel loved. 

"Quality time together"

"Physical Touch"

"Words of affirmation"

"Gift giving"

"Acts of service"

He calls these behaviors, "Love Languages".  


Chapman explains that each one of us has one or two primary "love languages, - behaviors that make us feel most loved.  

He goes on to explain that we usually EXPRESS our love to others in the way or ways that makes US feel loved.  


For example, if having nice meals prepared for you, or having repairs done around your home and having the lawn mowed are the kind of things that make YOU feel most loved,  "Acts of Service" may be your primary "Love Language".  


And...if Acts of Service are what make YOU feel loved, you probably try to show your love to your spouse or loved ones through Acts of Service. But that could be a problem! 


When two people who are trying to create and maintain a loving, long-term relationship don't speak the same Love Language, it's likely that neither of them truly feels as loved as they want. 


Imagine this: If spending "Quality Time Together" is what makes your spouse or romantic partner feel most loved, but you're mostly trying to show your love through acts of service, and not spending a lot of quality time together, your spouse may never feel as loved as he or she wants to because you're not speaking their primary Love Language

"THE SECRET OF ROMANCE" for creating a new relationship and/or improving a long-term, loving relationship is to learn to speak your loved-one's 'Love Language'.  


Interestingly, dancing may be one of the best things you can do to nurture or improve your relationship.

"Dancing: The Ultimate Language of Love"

UK relationship therapist, Humphrey Klinkenberg helps his clients improve their relationships by discovering and understanding their personal "Love Languages". And he writes that today's ballroom dancing and Latin dancing is "...the ultimate language of love".:


 "Taking dance lessons together is...the only activity couples can do together that ticks all five Love Languages".  Dance lessons involve:

  1. Quality time together

  2. Touching and embracing each other

  3. Using words of affirmation by complimenting your partner on his efforts and accomplishments

  4. Gift giving by investing money for dance lessons

  5. An act of service by putting your time and effort into dance lessons that makes your spouse or partner feel loved

For More Romance Learn to Dance

Dance lessons with someone you care about is a fun activity to do together, and has helped many people "renew the spark" and improve their relationships and enjoy more romance in their lives.

So why not give ballroom dance lessons a try?  Call or send a message to Gary Stephans right now to set up a FREE private dance lesson with your Introductory Dance Lesson and start to enjoy more romance in your life?

AND...if you're looking for a A VERY SPECIAL gift for your spouse or "special someone...or a wedding gift, birthday gift...anniversary gift...Valentine's "I love you gift"...

or just a "Let's do something fun together gift"...


You couldn't do better than a gift of Ballroom Dance lessons. If you're in the Northern Virginia area, you couldn't do better than ballroom dance lessons in Alexandria, VA with Gary Stephans!

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