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Valentine Special

$100 OFF!

5 private 60-minute 

ballroom dance lessons





Give your sweetheart

A Most RomanticValentine Gift

Ballroom dance lessons - a gift of ROMANCE

that will put new spark in your relationship! 


Learn to dance for more romance!  

Relationship therapists tell us...

 "popular ballroom and Latin dancing is the 'ultimate language of love.'"


In his book, The Five Love Languages, relationship therapist, Gary Chapman, writes that there are five behaviors that can make us feel loved. And for most people, one or two of these things makes us feel loved.


"Quality time together"

"Physical Touch"

"Words of affirmation"

"Receiving gifts"

"Acts of service"



If you're not "speaking your sweetheart's 'love language',"

she won't feel loved the way you want her to. 


And on Valentine's Day, unless your sweetheart's "love language" is "Receiving gifts," even the most expensive gift of perfume or jewelry or candy or clothing, or a gift card isn't going to make her feel loved the way you want her to...

"Dance that involves close, often intimate contact, is one of

the few activities that ticks all of the Love Languages boxes."


All women love to dance.  For a wonderful, romantic Valentine's Day gift, give your sweetheart ballroom dance lessons in Alexandria or in your home in the Northern VA area

with renowned dance instructor, Gary Stephans, 


CALL or e-MAIL Gary right now to claim your

 $100 Valentine's Day coupon


Save $100 off the regular price!



for two private 60-minute dance lessons

(regular price $190).


(Offer expires on Valentine's Day, Feb. 14th, 2020.

For NEW private dance students only)



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