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Art of Ballroom Dance

For Fun, Fitness & Romance

Alexandria Ballroom Dance Lessons
Wedding Dance Lessons in Alexandria, VA
Salsa Dancing Lessons
With Renowned, International Ballroom Dance Instructor,
Gary Stephans 
The Most Fun You'll Ever Have Learning to Dance!
Private Adult Dance Lessons for Couples and Individuals in
A Beautiful Dance Studio in Alexandria, VA
Do you ever feel left out when your friends are having fun on the dance floor?
Do you ever wish you had more confidence to ask a pretty woman to dance?
Would you like a little more romance in your life?
Or are you looking for a FUN way to exercise that can help keep your mind sharp?
Do you want to improve your fitness, strength and balance?
Whether you want to learn to dance,
improve your dancing, develop more style, get some good exercise,
prepare for a wedding or other special occasion...
renowned, international ballroom dance instructor, Gary Stephans, has
dedicated his entire life to helping people like you discover the fun of social dancing,
re-kindle the spark of romance in their relationships, and become
relaxed, confident dancers that have more fun whenever the music starts.  
Even if you have never danced, think you have no sense of rhythm and have
"two left feet," Gary can help you learn to dance!
Or, if you've taken dance lessons over the years and you love to dance, but want
to develop your style and improve your technique, Gary can take you
places you've never been before on the dance floor.
Learn Waltz, Foxtrot, Rumba, Samba, Swing, Hustle,
Quickstep, Salsa, Mambo, Cha Cha, Merengue,
American Tango, Argentine Tango, Foxxy and more.




After teaching thousands of students, from beginners to dance instructors and world champion dancers, over more than 40 years, Gary has developed a unique way of helping people learn to dance.  


"Becoming a good dancer and enjoying dancing is not about memorizing steps and patterns

and complicated routines," which is what so many dance instructors and dance schools teach.

I teach movement and to be a good leader or follower...connecting with

your dance partner...feeling the music...learning to use your body...finding your rhythm...and developing your own special moves and unique style that will help you look great and feel relaxed and confident dancing.  

  • "I don't know enough superlatives to describe how great Gary is."  Julie S.
  • "Gary makes it fun!"  Ann S.
  • "We've taken ballroom lessons from a number of instructors and learning with
Gary Stephans is by far the most fun and the most effective." Kitty P.
"Taking dance lessons from you has given me a new lease on life!"
                                  Bruce M. 
"Gary Stephans, you are my absolute favorite instructor!" Carol W.

"My husband and I never had any kind of dance instruction before. Gary was
so wonderful! We had only 10 lessons and we were able to hold our own at a formal
event in DC. Gary is patient and kind and ever so passionate about dance!! The best
part is that my husband is eager to continue our dance instruction with Gary...
 Who knew my husband could move so well?? Gary brought it out of two people
who "thought" they were nothing but left feet!!
                                                                                                      MT & Bob G.

A Most Romantic Gift!

 A Gift Certificate for Private Ballroom Dance Lessons
Surprise and delight your sweetheart with a true gift of romance.
Alexandria Ballroom Dance Lessons

GUARANTEE you'll have fun!  

Ballroom dance lessons in Alexandria, VA and Wedding Dance Lessons in Alexandria 

Magical wedding dance lessons in Alexandria, VA with renowned International Dance Instructor, Gary Stephans
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